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Jane Borman

Discovering the world is a gift, and it is this gift that I most love sharing with my clients. I want to inspire people to think differently about the way they travel. My goal is to inspire my clients to discover more about themselves as they experience the world. This internal discovery is often the best part of travel, even as the destinations deliver beauty, surprise, and delight.

Travel is my passion. Like my clients, I love to discover new traditions and explore old cultures. I am fascinated by the international experience, and I’m a sponge for knowledge. I have been blessed to have traveled extensively, domestically and abroad, to more than 90 countries including all 7 continents. I have seen the Best of the Best, and I love to sell what I know!

I began my career in 1994 when the World Cup came to the United States. I was a travel director for Maritz, the leader in incentive award travel. At Maritz, I planned, negotiated, executed, and managed incentive awards travel programs and meetings for Fortune 500 companies. For 13 years, I traveled 260+ days a year managing incentive trips around the world. In 2006, I became an independent travel advisor. I continued my pursuit of world discovery and now travel internationally about 5 or more times per year.

Highlights: 6 Olympic Games (Atlanta, Salt Lake, Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi) 3 FIFA World Cups (USA, South Africa, Brazil) Antarctica, Hiked Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu, Climbed Kilimanjaro, 5 African Safaris (South African, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya). Traveled all over Europe: Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Russia. Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Morocco. Central/South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Easter Island, Peru, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, most islands in the Caribbean, endless trip to Hawaii (50+), Asia & South Pacific, Fiji, Tahiti, Indonesia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and more.

Beyond my passion for travel, I enjoy photography, languages, climbing mountains, yoga, nature, health and fitness . Born in North Dakota, I was a competitive athlete all throughout my childhood. In High School, I competed in gymnastics, track, and springboard diving. In college, I was also a member of the diving team at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas.

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Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I was first introduced to travel in college on a European Study Tour to Paris, London, and Brussels with friends. It was an amazing experience, and I was instantly hooked. Changing my major to Hotel & Restaurant Management, I began to study, travel and explore the world at every opportunity.

Working in the luxury hotel and resort sector for over 25 years ~ and now in luxury leisure travel ~ I have had the good fortune to visit over 40 countries and explore all seven continents.

Some of my favorite destinations that I continue to return to often are Italy, France, Australia and many of our amazing US National Parks, mountain towns and cities. With a current focus on Australia and now an Aussie Specialist, my goal is to enhance my knowledge of this incredible country through signature experiences, sustainable travel and exploration of new, unique and remote destinations.

My family is my passion! I am fortunate to have passed my love for travel onto them. Living in the Netherlands for two years allowed the opportunity to experience many small, lesser-known places throughout Europe. Fully immersing in a destination and culture is enriching, life changing~ and creates beautiful memories.

Taking every opportunity to travel and explore the world is a gift that I am fortunate to share through my experiences, adventures and perspectives with genuine enthusiasm and excitement. My goal is to make every trip truly memorable. Inspiring and exceeding expectations. Rejoicing in the Magic of this exceptional world in which we live.

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Travel is Good for the Soul
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Dream. Believe. Travel. LIVE.

Dream. Believe. Travel. LIVE.

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