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People move your business, and we know people. Inspire performance from your salespeople, dealers, and channel partners by offering not just a reward trip they will never forget, but an experience they didn’t even know existed! We encourage you to let your mind wander.

At Travel Design Studio, that’s what we do. Your top performers instinctively take on and achieve their goals, but where the needle really moves is from motivating higher performance from as many of your middle performers as possible while keeping high performers engaged. The result – better performance from both groups.

We have a honed strategy in building incentive trips that motivate and are handcrafted specifically to appeal to your audience based on the nuances of their personas to trigger maximum motivation and results for your business.



2020 saw a year where we all worked remotely, much of it alone or by video. It’s time to bring your team back together to recreate bonds and collaborative to cultivate creativity, both of which are synergized when we meet in person and without distraction.

Whether at a wellness resort, exclusive golf course, luxurious ranch, challenging ropes course or on a private yacht, we design, source, contract, plan and safely deliver experiences expertly and seamlessly.

Location. Accommodations.


It’s a monumentally important task to research, contact, evaluate, and contract venues for your company event.  It’s also extremely time-consuming.  The details matter, global relationships, and experience are a Must!.

There are so many factors to consider in addition to the room rate and concessions.  As 2020 highlighted,  risk mitigation is critical and it’s important that the language in your contract protect you and your company especially should you need to cancel, rebook, or trigger a Force Majeure.

At TDS we utilize a process that has been honed over 25 years to create and send out your event-specific RFP, track down the responses and answers, follow-up with the venues, and manage the entire site selection process on your behalf including knowing where and how best to negotiate to give you the most value while minimizing your risk and maximizing your time.

Go Virtual

Digital Event Experiences

Careful planning and thoughtful design come together to create meaningful event experiences that engage your audiences. 

With our expertise in live events, we produce virtual events that authentically connect with your audience – no matter where they are. With TDS’s unbundled services, we will work in tandem with you to conceptualize, design, and produce your event, reliability, and security.

Call us. We have the know-how and we know-how.

Incentive Travel

How do you think outside the box if you’re always stuck in one?

Transformation, in business and in life, often takes place when we are “out of our element” and stray from our comfort zone. That’s why we plan retreats and offsite or destination meetings designed to inspire your team and open the door to discovery.

Creative exploration of a new destination can motivate curious minds to pursue greater understanding and knowledge. It is often that invitation to the imagination which drives innovation.

When we collaborate together, we go beyond planning a meeting or an event. We design with your desired impact, and your investment, in mind. We help to deliver the dream…both for you and for your participants.

LINKS: Read more about our business-related travel design services or learn about virtual options here.

Dream. Believe. Travel. LIVE.


I have worked with Michelle for the past 12 years; she is a true professional all the way around.  She works harder and faster than anyone I have ever worked with.  Always with a smile whatever the task may be.  During these difficult times we have had in the last several months she is always looking for ways to help her clients.  She recently rescheduled our International Sales Incentive trip to Spain and had all suppliers agree to same terms.”

A Person

A Title, Maritz Travel

Dream. Believe. Travel. LIVE.

Escape to the Extraordinary.

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